About Us

Glory Entertainment Events Origin

What started off as a hobby which was originally named Face Paint Glory, quickly expanded into an overflowing business. The president and founder of Glory Entertainment Events named Allison Manrique started off as your everyday artist. She went to an art school where her passion for the arts grew. Glory Entertainment Events was at some point just a dream, but is now a reality that's at your reach!! Now offering not only the highest level of professional services, but also guaranteed smiles!

What makes us different

Now and days, many companies that provide party services are in it either for the profit or to make a big name. Glory Entertainment Events is quite the opposite. Though profit helps a business expand, here at  Glory Entertainment Events  we believe that making a child smile is priceless, and in the idea that a happy customer is worth more than anything.

Lets make a deal

Here at Glory Entertainment Events  we are determined to make your party/event experience a hit! From Glitter and Real matte Ink Tattoos, to Balloon Twisting, to face painting, and even body art, we are here FOR YOU!